Listed below is a brief summary of some of our completed educational technology projects over the past several years. In each case, a web link allows all or a portion of the project to be examined. Reviewers have rated our projects at the top of their respective fields in interactive electronic technology for educational applications.

Technology Note: Many of the applications discussed here use Flash 5. Therefore you must have the free Flash Player installed on your computer. If you have any doubt, or if something doesn't work, install the current version of Flash Player from Macromedia before proceeding. With this Player installed, the following examples should work on all current PC or Mac computers and most Linux computers, with level-4 or level-5 browsers (we don't presently recommend Netscape 6; its Flash 5 Player appears to have technical problems).

Student Companion of Brock Biology of Microorganisms This project marketed in August, 2002 by Prentice Hall is a set of interactive animations in support of the 10th edition Brock Biology of Microorganisms by Michael T. Madigan, John M. Martinko and Jack Parker. It includes 20 extended modules on such topics such as metabolism of microorganisms, virology and bacterial genetics. The student companion project is delivered on a website. A sample module about cell structure or metabolism may be found at

WebTeacher webTeacher is a comprehensive introduction to web technology (from beginning to advanced) for educational applications. It was developed and is maintained entirely by us, but is licensed to the National Cable Television Association (NCTA) through the national nonprofit Tech Corps as part of the NCTA national cable modem educational initiative. Although aimed at K-12 teachers, it is also used extensively by university level educators, state governments, and individuals. The website receives 50,000-100,000 hits per day. Many reviewers consider it to be one of the premiere free sources for educational technology on the Web. WebTeacher may be found at

Student Companion of Concepts of Genetics This project marketed in July, 2002 by Prentice Hall, is a comprehensive set of interactive animations in support of the 7th edition of Concepts of Genetics and the 1st edition of Genetics: A Molecular Perspective both by William S. Klug and Michael R. Cummings. It includes 37 extended modules on core concepts in genetics. The student companion project is delivered on a CDROM. A sample on Mendelian Ratios may be found at

Online Journey through Astronomy Online Journey through Astronomy is a complete web-deliverable course in introductory astronomy marketed by Brooks/Cole, a division of Thomson Learning either as a standalone course, or as a supplement to one of their standard textbooks. It was written from the ground up as a new astronomy textbook structured around 350 integrated interactive animations. It is generally viewed as the best implementation of interactive animation for astronomy presently available. A sample chapter is at (click "Sample Chapter" in left menu.).

Student Companion to Biology A Guide to the Natural World This project, marketed by Prentice Hall in January 2002, is a comprehensive set of interactive animations in support of the 2nd edition of Biology: A Guide to the Natural World by David Krogh. Although the technology is completely Web deliverable, it is marketed as a CDROM. It consists of 70 modules encompassing approximately 140 extended animations illustrating core concepts in introductory biology. Many reviewers consider this to be the best implementation of interactive animation currently available for introductory biology. A sample chapter on the Plasma Membrane may be accessed at

Virtual Astronomy Laboratories This is a set of twenty online astronomy labs marketed by Brooks/Cole in 2003. These labs emphasize experiments showing how measurements are made in numerous fields of modern astronomical research. This project includes a built-in reporting capability so that each lab report can be submitted electronically to the instructor. Samples (labs 8 and 19) are available at

Interactive Worked Examples This project is a set of interactive animations based on examples in the 6th edition of Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Raymond Serway and John Jewett. Part 1 was released by Brooks/Cole in 2003, and part 2 released in early 2004. Samples are available at