Astronomy 162
Stars, Galaxies, and

In our first semester of astronomy we were concerned primarily with our own Solar System. In this semester we broaden our perspective and consider the entire Universe. Much of the material for this semester is already on the Web at the Violence in the Cosmos site, but it is arranged in a different order than it will be when the following sequence is completed.
  1. Properties of Light
  2. The Interaction of Light and Matter
  3. Telescopes and Detectors
  4. The Sun, a Nearby Star
  5. Energy Production in Stars
  6. Ordinary Stars
  7. Stellar Distances
  8. Stellar Motion
  9. Multiple Star Systems
  10. Star Clusters (Not Complete)
  11. The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram (Not Complete)
  12. Recipe for Stars (Not Complete)
  13. Protostars (Not Complete)
  14. Life on the Main Sequence (Not Complete)
  15. Variable Stars (Not Complete)
  16. The Death of Stars like the Sun (Not Complete)
  17. Ejection of the Envelope (Not Complete)
  18. White Dwarfs and Novae (Not Complete)
  19. Supernovae (Not Complete)
  20. Neutron Stars (Not Complete)
  21. Pulsars (Not Complete)
  22. Black Holes (Not Complete)
  23. The Milky Way Galaxy
  24. The Galaxies
  25. Active Galaxies
  26. Groups, Clusters, and Superclusters of Galaxies
  27. Cosmology
  28. Life in the Universe (Not Complete)


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