Astronomy 161
The Solar System

In this semester of Astronomy we shall concern ourselves primarily with the Solar System. As an introduction to that, we shall consider the historical development of our modern picture of the Solar System.

  1. Introduction
  2. A Sense of Time and Scale in the Universe
  3. Precursors to Modern Astronomy
  4. Overview of the Sky and Planets
  5. The Old Astronomy
  6. The Development of Modern Astronomy
  7. Timekeeping and the Celestial Sphere
  8. Overview of the Solar System
  9. The Earth
  10. The Earth's Moon
  11. The Planet Mercury
  12. The Planet Venus
  13. The Planet Mars
  14. The Planet Jupiter
  15. The Jovian Moons
  16. The Planet Saturn
  17. The Planet Uranus
  18. The Planet Neptune
  19. The Planet Pluto
  20. Comets
  21. Asteroids
  22. Meteors


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