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STUDENT COMPUTER INFORMATION: To get set up with student computer accounts and requisite software for using UT computer resources you need to talk to the DII (Division of Information Infrastructure) at 105 Aconda Court.

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TEXTBOOKS: "Astronomy: From the Earth to the Universe" (Sixth Edition), 
by Jay M. Pasachoff
Online Journey Through Astronomy: The Solar System by Michael Guidry, Margaret Riedinger and Frank Edward Barnes (Student Companion by Kevin Lee)

Subject Matter:  Introduction to Astronomy and Study of the Solar System
Chapter  1 Prologue: The Universe   Chapter 12 Mars
Chapter  2 Early History of Astronomy  Chapter 13 Jupiter
Chapter  3 Origin of Modern Astronomy Chapter 14 Saturn
Chapter  4 Light & Telescopes Chapter 15 Uranus
Chapter  5 Observatories & Space Missions  Chapter 16 Neptune
Chapter  6 The Sky & the Calendar Chapter 17 Pluto & the Kuiper Belt
Chapter  7 Structure & Origin of the Solar System  Chapter 18 Extrasolar Planets
Chapter  8 Our Earth Chapter 19 Halley's & Other Comets
Chapter  9 Our Moon Chapter 20 Meterorites & Asteroids
Chapter 10 Mercury Chapter 21 Life in the Universe
Chapter 11 Venus       

Some Web Links
of Interest for
Astronomy Students

If you are not familiar with the use of the World Wide Web, here is a comprehensive introduction to the use of the Web in education. (This site is advertised for K-12 education, but the content is relevant for Web educational issues at all levels.)

Some Newsgroups
of Interest for
Astronomy Students

If you are not familiar with how to use newsgroups, see the discussion in the webTeacher Tutorial. An FAQ is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) for a newsgroup.